photo by Jennifer Peterson
photo by Jennifer Peterson

Continuing on music, this fun mix from last year (seems like forever ago) recently popped up on my Itunes.  I made it as a podcast to go along with a great article by Jennifer Peterson on sha3bi music played at mulid (saint’s day) festivals in Egypt.   In other Egypt news, I came across this downtown baladi bar database via Avantcaire.  It’s part of a beer marketing campaign to cash on baladi chic.  I have to admit the campaign makes me hanker for a Stella even though I’m back in the US at the moment with a couple Belgian beers at hand in the fridge.  And this is despite the fact that the Stella site violates  one of my biggest pet peeves which is that hideous font that tries to make English words resemble Arabic script.

Here’s the mix:

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  1. really, u hate that? i love it when they do that with the fonts!
    apparently two vaguely academic people spent like a year going to all those bars. i wonder if we’ll see more trendies there now.

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