Fourth of July Jazz

Here’s a mix of my favorite jazz

Album cover

Track Listing

1.Ella and Louis – Can’t we be Friends

2.Lincoln Center Jazz – C Jam Blues

3.Oscar Peterson – Someday my Prince will Come

4.Count Basie Orchestra – Li’l Darling

5.Gene Harris – Take the A Train

6.Frank Sinatra and Duke E – Yellow Days

7.Ella with Count Basie Orchestra – Basella

8.Lester Young with Oscar Peterson – Takes Two to Tango

NOTE: Sorry for the crappy hosting of the mix. I want to get to where I can embed a little player into the blog post itself. Does anyone know how I do this?

UPDATE: Audio now hosted by the much cleaner and more convenient DivShare. Thanks John!

1 thought on “Fourth of July Jazz”

  1. Will,

    Nice looking blog.

    It doesn’t look like ZShare allows you to embed, right?

    I’ve used, for example here:

    But there are other services, such as

    They give you the emebd code a la YouTube, and are a lot easier than hosting and embedding from your own server.

    On a different subject, I presume you saw the NYT article on Jazz Diplomacy, if not check it out:

    See also, Penny M. Von Eschen’s Satchmo Blows Up the World: Jazz Ambassadors Play the Cold War, HUP.

    Standard apologies if you’ve seen this stuff before.

    Best wishes,

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