Middle East

Some Links

  • Egypt Blogs America: 8 Egyptian bloggers in the U.S. at election time.  A project sponsored by the Adham Center at AUC.
  • “HR 362 gets 8 new co-sponsors” Bad news from Iran Nuclear Watch.
  • The Russian Debutante’s Handbook by Gary Shteyngart.  Not quite as tight as Absurdistan but still fantastic.  Worth the price for these seven words alone: “… and sausages circled overhead like Sikorsky choppers…”
  • Lynch on Egypt:  ” I think that one of our greatest failings – and I include myself here – was to encourage these young activists to take bold steps when we had no ability or intention of protecting them from the consequences.  I am only partly reassured by the fact that several of those bloggers told me after they had been arrested and tortured that they wanted the attention and support, and were willing to pay the costs.  But democracy activism in Egypt today is  a dangerous business, and Americans should think carefully about encouraging these young activists if they will not protect them from the consequences.”
  • Free Wifi in Cairo:  Do you hate that most coffee shops now make you buy cards for wifi access and give out your mobile number and email address to mobinil or link.net?  Do you want to support the few remaining cafes that still offer free, anonymous wifi?  If so, please check out and update this map of places that offer either free or anonymous paid wifi access.