NEW: I am offering private consulting to help people improve their persuasion skills & projects.

  • Designing Marketing & Persuasion Tests: I am currently running a project to test pieces of advice on marketing and persuasion. I can help you create quick tests to figure out what works in your market.
  • Fixing Blind Spots: It is hard to step outside of your own brain. Working with me will give you an outsider perspective on your campaign. But not just any random outsider – someone who has looked at a ton of persuasion campaigns and knows what works.
  • Blue Ocean Brainstorming: Going in a completely new direction? I will help you consider the various alternatives and design some validation tests so you don’t waste time chasing down dead ends.
  • Cranking out Copy Fast: We will kickstart a particular piece of content in a live co-writing session. The goal is to leave the call with at least one piece of new testable copy.
  • Persuasive Technology: Beak through barriers with direct mail, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, email marketing, web UX, good old fashioned paper and ink, or pretty much any other type of persuasion tech.

The Fine Print

  • Each call is 60-90 minutes and done on Zoom (or whatever app you like)
  • Calls are 100% private and confidential (you can record if you want)
  • I am only opening time for one spot per day
  • Cost: $150 for a 60-90 minute session OR $600 for a pack of 4 sessions
  • After receiving your booking, you will get an email to confirm your time (my working hours are M-F, US Eastern time zone)

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